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 Sefaari Collections and the Dressmakers on 35 Is owned by Tobi Adewole A Graduate from The Ekiti state University, Ado Ekiti, South West, Nigeria.  With a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry. Discovered her Passion for Business Management, Leadership and entrepreneurship During her 1 year National Youth Service at the prestigious Guinness Nigeria, PLC. Upon completion She then took a Bold step by Enrolling in a Fashion Academy to study Dressmaking.  Started constructing dresses for friends and family, eventually started out as registered business in Nigeria 2013.

At Sefaari Collections and the Dressmakers on 35,  everything we do, honours the relationship. We are committed to relating with all our Customers with Patience and high level of understanding, we do everything in our reach to give you Smooth  Custom Dressmaking Experience, we put in all our expertise, working in every details of how you want your  Dream Dresses.

Some of the photos on the left, highlight how far we have come, how much we have grown and how long we’ve been in business. We opened our first Dressmaker studio in 2013 on No 35, Sholanke street, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos.

We imbibed a core value over the years, which is to Encourage and empower  Young ladies. We achieve this by enrolling young Ladies to train as apprentice, while at it, we place them on monthly pay, So they can afford basic essentials for themselves and pay full attention to their trainings, without distractions or agitation for survival. 90% of our Team Members are Young ladies. We hope to maintain this Culture and be around long enough so that, more young ladies Can find refuge in our Business, at little or  no cost to them .

For every of our Dress you own, you have helped keep a young lady off the streets.

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