Tobi Adewole's 30 days online lessons on introduction to Dressmaking. #30,000 or $50

You do not need to have any knowledge of dressmaking, to join this class

No knowledge of dressmaking is required. Every topic is prepared and taken, such that its easy for everyone to understand and put to practice when on their own. complex processe, explained in simple words and made easy for everyone to understand.

Lessons Cover

Proper use of the Sewing machine

sewing machine usage for a dressmaker is completely different from how other creatives are allowed to use it. to get excellent results from your sewing machine. it doesn't matter what type you have, industrial, domestic, electric or analog. when the correct principles are followed, your stitches will always be clean at the speed you desire. 


correct method of mounting and mentainance of a dressmaker's sewing machine.


How to take Correct Body measurements

The Success or failure of a dress, begins from the measurements used. This aspect of dressmaking is mostly underated, standard sizing is not enough for a Custom made dress. Having non or incomplete knowledge about Correct measurement taking, may lead to getting frustrated hence abandoning this great gift of dressmaking for other businesses or jobs. 


A lot more will be revealed and put to practice during this period of 30days  online sewing lessons. 

No delays, don't wait to be told!


Online sewing Class

This particular training is designed for Creatives with no  knowledge of dressmaking and those who have acknowledged their weaknesses and are willing to start again from the beginning. 

This course is what you need to set the right foundation for your Dressmaking Career. No qualification is required, only Ability to Read and Comprehend. Classes will be mostly practical demonstrations and interactions will be in English language.

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